Can I use Cocos Creator + socketIO for online game like

Can I use Cocos Creator + socketIO for online game like
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I want to user Cocos Creator, socketIO for mobile and web, but I wonder about performance. Is it possible to create game similar to with accepted performance? Do you have any advice?


Hi, for realtime multi player online game, you can use three solution, web socket, web rtc and signalr.

The main performance is for server code not web socket or other network solution.

Assume that you have a big world with 500 online player that each 100ms all player must be update and get other player information,this means a for with 500x500 repeat in each every 100ms(also I ignored other server side calculations), so It is clear that you must focusing to sever side optimization, for example using quad tree algorithm to reduce for iterations .


My bad question. Actually I want to compare Cocos Creator (JS) to Cocos2dx (C++). I have created some action games on Cocos Creator but need to optimize a lot to keep acceptable performance, sometime I had to reduce gameplay. I don’t know the issue is my skill or Cocos Creator itself.
Another concern is about socketIO in Cocos Creator: is it stable for mobile and web game?
At the moment I only focus on client side.