Can I get foreground image removed background from sprite?

I want to get a image removed background from sprite like below.

Remove the background of a picture(microsoft, office/remove-the-background-of-a-picture-c0819a62-6844-4190-8d67-6fb1713a12bf)

Is there any way to get a image removed background from sprite in cocos creator??

What version of creator are you using and when was this image removed? Can you show your demo?

I use cocos creator 3.5.2
I want to use a function that just removing background and remaining foreground from image.
You can find this function in power point of MS(remove-the-background-of-a-picture-c0819a62-6844-4190-8d67-6fb1713a12bf)
If this function is possible in cocos creator, it is very helpful to make various effect.

Sorry, creator doesnot provide this function, you can use this project to understand the functions provided by the creator GitHub - cocos/cocos-test-projects.

Thank you for your help.
Can you explain in detail which project will be helpful for me?

the project i refered here can help you :smile:

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