Can I downgrade cocos2dx engine from 3.17 to 3.12?

Hello, Eveyone
Currently my game working well with the cocos2dx-3-17.
But I want to downgrade the cocos engine as 3.12.
When I try this, I got error “fatal error: ‘platform/android/jni/JniHelper.h’ file not found”
How can I fix this issue?
Any advice would be help me.

Why are you downgrading?

3.12 is very old.

You can always download 3.12 and run cocos new to create a new project. Then reimport your resources/ and Classes/.

Thanks for your reply.

-Why are you downgrading?
I made android game using cocos 3.17.
But that game crashed in some device.
I checked some document about that issue.
So I decided to downgrade the cocos engine as 3.12.

Yup just replacing the cocos2d folder will cause errors.

cocos new And reimport your classes and resources should achieve success.

Ok, I will follow your advice. Thank you very much.

Hello, slackmoehrle!
I get this error " cocos: command not found" when create new project using cocos3.12.
Here is my bash_profile image.

Can you please help me what I am missing?

I already checked this url.

But getting this.

Did you run

Did you re-source your bash.profile?

Did you verify that cocos is indeed at the path in your bash.profile?

-Did you run
-Did you resource your bash.profile?
-Did you verify that cocos is indeed at the path in your bash.profile?
Yes I checked the path in my bash.profile

I attached the structure image of directory that cocos3 .12 is located.

Then do an ls on tools/ and tools/cocos2dx-console and tools/cocos2dx-console/bin

That’s where cocos command should live. I suspect it’s not there. This is definitely a path issue

This direcoty “/tools/cocos2d-console” is empty.

I did get this 3.12 version in this url.

Is this not comportable version?
Where can I get correct reliable version of cocos2d 3.12?

Clone the GitHub repo

Check out the 3.12 branch.

git submodule update —init

Re-source bash-profile

Ok, Thank you very much. :grinning:

Let us know how it goes.

I created new game project with cocos2dx 3.12.
Working well now.
I will migrate resources to this new project.
Thank you very much.

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