Callstack for VS2017 isn't displaying anything

Callstack for VS2017 isn't displaying anything


My callstack for my project, despite the project running fine, isn’t displaying any data. this occured since I accidentally erased the tab. I got the tab back by doing:

Debuy>Window>Call Stack

It just looks like this:

suprisingly, stackoverflow didn’t quite have a question like this, from what i saw.


To see callstack your app must be paused at some breakpoint or press pause in VS


It appears to be effectless. Do you mean “break all”? I paused, then continued but the callstack didn’t show anything


when paused then callstack must be not empty


It is containing text on pause, when continued all text goes and even cclog actions do not show


It’s normal.
See logs in output window


@Rascake this is off-topic. Thus why I removed the original post. If you have Visual Studio questions consulting a Microsoft forum is best.

@dimon4eg thanks for helping.


As you say. I was unaware the original was flagged, i thought there was a lag, as i got the automated message late.