C++ support for Cocos Creator

C++ support for Cocos Creator
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What kind of errors do you see?


Here you are,

First, This occurs when i try to drag a texture to the scene editor as a node/sprite.

Second, the plugin seems not to complie all my scenes created in subfolder. Also, i cannot use textures that included in subfolder causes complying failure.

Third, If i set sprite frame is none, it’d cause error then.


Thanks. I’ll take a look in a week. Currently preparing everything for GDC and next week I’ll be at GDC.


Omg honestly, the plugin have too much bugs to be able to handle all of them…


@Althurzard the plugin just invoke python script automatically for convenient. From the log, it seems the errors happens when converting .fire to .json. Could you please just use the python script to convert the file manually and paste all the error log?


How is this going?. Are you still working on it?. What features does it support currently?


No commits in the last 29 days :frowning:

Overlap2D - Promising Level Editor

@ricardo , @zhangxm
hi all , thanks for the effort on this feature.
can you guys share some info about the progress?
we really need a GUI editor like cocos-studio for cpp for newer versions of cocos2dx and since cocos-studio is EOLed. it would be awesome to have a GUI scene editor.



I will continue @ricardo’s work, and will release an alpha version in forum first. After that, i will continue to fix bugs until it is stable.


@zhangxm Is there a plan for proper C++ support for cocos2dx ? or we have to use exporters all the time even in the future versions of Cocos Creator.


What did you mean proper C++ support?


I mean using cocos creator as editor for cocos2d-x c++ project. (As a replacement for Cocos Studio)


As i know, currently there is not plan to support it.


@zhangxm i got some weird issues when trying to set project path


how did you set the project path?


@zhangxm /Users/(myname)/Document/

And everytime i click build, it show me this message box

this occurs when I update new version of creator 1.4.2 from 1.4.1. I tried to downgrade to 1.4.1 again but still the same.

Edit: I downgraded to 1.3.0 and it worked! I think you should consider this issue asap.
Edit2: At ver 1.4.x, I tried to debug in file main.js


in that case this is really good option > Overlap2D - Promising Level Editor


@Althurzard thanks for your feedback. It seems creator break compatibility. I will fix it ASAP.


@Althurzard i sent a PR to fix it. Could you please have a try?

Note: now the repo is changed to https://github.com/cocos2d/creator_to_cocos2dx_cpp.


@zhangxm It works like a charm!:+1: