C++ and Lua support for creator v0.4 released

C++ and Lua support for creator v0.4 released


This plugin can be used to export Creator scenes to Cocos2d-x project, the latest 0.4 version have been released to Creator plugin store.

History Tickets: alpha0, alpha1 , 0.3

New features

  • support Label outline
  • support motionstreak
  • add CMake files for reader
  • add export options
    • Export Resource Only
    • Export Resource Dynamically Loaded

Bugs fixed

  • fix position issue of Button’s child
  • correct the README doc errors
  • fix Animation memory leak
  • fix the wrapMode of Animation wrong effects
  • remove the convert_fire_to_json.py file

Export Options

  • Export Resource Only, only resources include Creator scene files will be exported, the reader source code won’t.

  • Export Resource Dynamically Loaded, export the resources that might be used in runtime, those resources located at assets/resources.

  • Auto Build After Scene Saved, as the name said, auto build and export resources after Creator scene saved.

[SOLVED] [CREATOR CPP] Custom Class Integration
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