C++ and Lua support for creator alpha1 released

C++ and Lua support for creator alpha1 released
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There are some features are not supported, you can see that in the issues. I think we may release beta version in one or two months.


VideoPlayer and WebView are supported.


I found a bug in the latest version of the plugin. Nodes without components are not saved in the scene graph. Now I need to add an unnecessary component to the node so that I can find it in the scene graph…


Maybe, now the plugin uses component type to determine node type. As cocos2d-x doesn’t implemented with component system, and creator uses component system.

I will fix it. And can i know why you need a Node that doesn’t have any component?


@cookybreeed and could you please provide a creator project to reproduce the issue?


Slider and Toggle are supported.


I use Nodes without components as containers for other Nodes. It can be convenient for e.g. moving/scaling/hiding a set of Nodes.
Here is an example of a project.
hw.zip (255.5 KB)


@cookybreeed i fixed it in https://github.com/cocos2d/creator_to_cocos2dx/pull/53.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Max Width doesn’t work in rich text. Words aren’t migrated to a new line. Has not this been fixed yet?


Adding tr->ignoreContentAdaptWithSize(false); solves the problem…


Thanks, i will try it.


@cookybreeed i added richText->ignoreContentAdaptWithSize(false); in CreatorReader::parseRichText, then the effect are wrong.


@cookybreeed could you please try this PR: https://github.com/cocos2d/creator_to_cocos2dx/pull/54 and give me some feedback, thanks.


Now it works well.
The same problem with Label. setWidth solves the problem for me.
If you change the texture for ParticleSystem in creator, the old texture is used after export. Although the creator uses a new texture.


Thanks for the feedback.

Did you save changes of creator?


Yes, it works well in creator. All changes except texture are saved. Although textureUuid indicates the new texture in plist.


Maybe textureImageData is wrong in plist…


What does it mean?


I wanted to say that all the properties (angle/start size/end size… etc) of the ParticleSystem remain after the change. But the texture remains unchanged.