C++ and Lua support for creator alpha1 released

C++ and Lua support for creator alpha1 released
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I have a problem. If in cocos creator project any asset (e.g. scnen or image) is in a folder, then after starting the game with this scene on Android, the game break, but it works well on Windows. If I move the asset to the root of the assets, then this works well for android. It’s easy to check with HelloWorld project.
Is this a known problem? When will it be solved?


I will have a try. Sorry for late reply.


Did you add creator into search path? All resources are in creator folder.


I’ve already tried to add “creator” and “creator/images”, “creator/scenes” into search path… This does not work for Android. This only works if all resources are in the root of creator folder


I have one more question. Do you plan to add support for ResolutionPolicy::FIXED_HEIGHT and FIXED_WIDTH?


Yep, i will if it is possible. I will ask creator team where to set the resolution policy in creator.


Please tell me did you reproduce this bug? I use cocos creator 1.5 and cocos2d-x 3.15.1. Adding “creator” into search path doesn’t solve the problem. I’m very uncomfortable working with a project in which all resources are in the same folder.


You said you don't have more question, i thought you fixed it yourself. I will try it now.


@cookybreeed i just tested it, no problem.


@cookybreeed oh sorry, i misunderstood your meaning. I will try again.


@cookybreeed i tested again, no problem. Did you use the latest codes of https://github.com/cocos2d/creator_to_cocos2dx? I think you just download old release version.


@cookybreeed resolution fixed_height and fixed_width issue is fixed in this commit.


RichText is supported in this PR. As the comment said, img tag is not supported currently because cocos2d-x RichText doesn’t support image from texture packer. I will modify cocos2d-x to support it.


How to get the animation and run it? Is this a possibility?


Yep, it is possible, i will add a function CreatorReader::getAnimationManager() to get the animation manager. And there is a function AnimationManager::playActionClip(cocos2d::Node *target, const std::string &animationClipName).


it’s great! Can you also add resume/pause/stop functions in AnimationManager?


Sure, i will add them as possible.


@cookybreeed AnimationManager is exported now. You can use the codes to play animation in runtime:

auto animationManager = reader->getAnimationManager();
animationManager->playAnimationClip(scene->getChildByName("xxx"), "animation_clip_name");

I will try to add resume/pause/stop functions.


@cookybreeed resume/pause/stop functions are added in AnimationManager too.


Thank! These are really useful functions! When do you plan to release the first beta version of the plug-in?