C++ and Lua support for creator alpha0 released

C++ and Lua support for creator alpha0 released
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@Althurzard sorry, which one did you use?


I mean which one can work correctly.


@zhangxm The first one compatible with creator ver 1.3.0 after updating to 1.4.0 i had to use the second one due to compatible issue.

The first one can work correctly :).


It is strange, as you can see here, there is not codes about Scale transition when creating a Button.


So I guess I have to back to the 9fb0a50 commit…:scream:. Perhaps its good enough to use as a Scene editor with basic features(along with a few bugs but it doesnt matter).:confused:


@Althurzard i just wonder why it can work correctly. But i will add the Scale property to latest codes too.


After trying the commit #9( refactor convert_fire_to_json.py), this feature is gone.


@Althurzard add button scale transition: https://github.com/cocos2d/creator_to_cocos2dx/pull/17


it works now!


@Althurzard glad to hear that. I will release alpha1 quickly.


I released alpha1 version: C++ and Lua support for creator alpha1 released.

Thanks for your feedback.


i’ve just started to test on loading the scene that is exported from the plugin. But the scene created doesn’t seem to have the correct number of children as what i am expecting… it is just a blank scene. Will pm you my project file.


@Darren_86 i will take a look. And please give feedback in C++ and Lua support for creator alpha1 released, i think you already used alpha1 version. Right?


@Darren_86 it is because widget is not supported right now. I am not sure if can support it in cocos2d-x.


@Darren_86 sorry, it is not just about widget, there is something other error too, but widget can not be supported in cocos2d-x.


@zhangxm yes, using alpha1 version, exporting has no error but the file does not have what it is supposed to have in the cocos creator as you mentioned about the widget issue :’(


is the C++ suport for creator included in the Creator v.1.5?


No, it is not stable now. And we need more developers to test it. It is a plugin, not have to shift with Creator, i will upload to plugin market when it is stable.


Is there any way of getting the widget data into cocos2d-x? It’s crucial for GUIs and dealing with devices that have different aspect ratios. I need it so that the scene layout looks nice on all devices. The plugin is pretty useless without it.


@kwellman creator uses a different UI system, so can not easily support Widget.