C++ and Lua support for creator alpha0 released

C++ and Lua support for creator alpha0 released
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  1. i am trying out this plugin for my project that is imported from .ccs
    However, after ‘exporting’, i only get the image files and but it does not generate the .ccreator files

  2. i am testing out the example project that comes with the git repo.
    first time opening the project has no issues, and i am also able to export.
    But after closing the project and trying to open it the 2nd time, the ‘Node Tree’ window is stuck with this ‘Loading…’ forever. And when i double click on any of the scenes, i also get this ‘Loading…’ forever.

Anyone else experiencing this same issue?
I’m using the latest cocos creator version.


@yaaashua I asked my colleague about the documentation.
@Darren_86 About issue 1, i think it is because there are some error happened. Is there any log?
About issue 2, i think it is an bug of creator. @jare @pandamicro any idea?


@zhangxm the only log i see is this:
preview server running at http://localhost:7456
ScaleX != ScaleY. Don’t know which one to return

which is shown when the project is opened.
Anyway, this issue is not a concern for my project as we are going to have a new UI… just considering if we should migrate to cocos creator.

Just to confirm, the cocos studio will no longer be usable after the flatbuffer upgrade in cocos2d-x 3.15 is that correct?


If I create an empty node as child of a sprite,
. . . and I add a collider component to that child.

In C++ i dont even see the child of the sprite :confused:

how can I get the collider info in C++?
Is it even supported (or will it be) ?


Currently, convert_file_to_json.py parse uuid files from temp folder or assets folder. It is not enough, because many informations should get from creator. So i am working to rewrite it in the plugin, which means i will rewrite it in js and use creator’s API. First, i will make it work correctly with current examples, then i will add missing features.

PS: the original implementation is done by ricardo. It is done as a hack way, it parses .fire and use other meta files (the meta files in temp folder) to get filepath. What i have done currently is making it as a creator plugin. But i found i have to rewrite convert_file_to_json.py in plugin or it can not work correctly. For example, the files in temp folder may change, that’s why i found sometimes the plugin can not work without any modification.


Sorry you should not popup or close the Scene panel. We will improve it in next version.


Progress of rewriting convert_file_to_json.py in plugin:

  • CreatorSprites scene can work correctly

things left:

  • other scenes can work
  • copy resources based on parsing result instead of copy assets folder and temp/internal folder



im trying to export a creator scene to android, just for testing, and I can see a lot of warnings like this:
D/cocos2d-x debug info: cocos2d: fullPathForFilename: No file found at creator/image\default_radio_button_on.png. Possible missing file.

The missing files are always from the (auto-generated) folder “creator/image”. I just noticed the path of the file says "creator/image \ BACKSLASH maybe thats a simple mistake when exporting the path or something.

and also I have a crash :weary: : (useful log):

  • Assert failed: spriteFrame can’t be nullptr!
  • Could not allocate Scale9Sprite() spriteFrameName = default_progressbar
  • [Edit text] content size = (50.000000, 24.000000)
  • com.Company.game2 A/libc: Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1, fault addr 0x0 in tid 6455 (GLThread 19574)

And I guess the reason is this: (UIEditBox line 154)

  • since the line : _backgroundSprite = Scale9Sprite::createWithSpriteFrameName(pNormal9SpriteBg);
    will fail (because of wrong path, as i mentioned before in this post).
    … _backgroundSprite is assigned NULLPTR
  • and then… in line _backgroundSprite->setPosition … well… this will crash

I hope this helps.


@yaaashua thanks for the information. I will fix these issues after the rewriting. And these issues may be fixed after rewriting.


when a button is exported to c++ its not exported with (pressed) and (hover) functionality or sprites
mmm… wait…

  • is it even supported by buttons in C++? will it be in next versions?
  • if yes … could u please tell me how to set it?


Yep, c++ supports pressed if you mean showing pressed image when clicking a button.
@owen Does cocos2d-x Button supports hover?


I was epxerimenting, and:
c++ has: button::loadTextures(normal, pressed, disabled)
meanwhile creator has (normal, hover, pressed, disabled)

and anyways… if u set the images from creator, after using the plugin u only have in c++ the (normal) sprite. Not hover, not pressed, not disabled
I tried to search from this values directly from flatbuffers to see if I can retrieve it, but im not familiar with it.
Im just wondering If this will be fixed or I should create a workaround for it.


@yaaashua it is a bug. I will fix it after rewriting. Thank you for the report. Current rewriting progress:

  • Sprites work
  • Labels work


Gents (and Ladies),

I’ve been tackling the setup of the LuaCpp exporter/Cocos Creator for 1/2 a day so far, and it’s not worked for me yet.

I have cocos2d-x 3.15 and Cocos Creator 1.4.2

  • create a new project with Cocos Creator in C:\Temp\myprojectcc
  • close Cocos Creator
  • clone https://github.com/cocos2d/creator_to_cocos2dx.git
  • copy creator-luacpp-support directory to C:\Temp\myprojectcc\packages directory
  • in command prompt, create a new cocos2d-x project in C:\Temp\myproject2dx with the command cocos new -l cpp -d C:\Temp\myproject2dx MyProject
  • start up Cocos Creator again
  • in Cocos Creator, go to Procect->LuaCpp Support->Set Up Target Project and enter/select C:\Temp\myproject2dx for the Project Path
  • press the ‘Build’ button

Under C:\Temp\myproject2dx\Resources there is a creator directory with one subdirectory called Textures and nothing else
Under C:\Temp\myproject2dx\Classes\reader there are the c++ files for the Cocos Creator reader files

Nowhere are the .ccreator files being created

If, after entering the Project Path in Cocos Creator, I go to Project->Build and then press the build button, I still have the same results (I’m not sure if doing that is mean to hook into the LuaCpp plugin or not)

Warning: directories with spaces in them (like your user name for example) are not liked at all by the cocos_lua_cpp plugin or Apache Ant. I got around this by creating symbolic links without spaces.


@kerfufflemonkeygames yep, currently version has some bugs, so i am rewriting convert_fire_to_json.py as i mentioned above. All work have done except the animation. I will finish it in one or two days. I will let you know when i finish it and may ask you to try again. Thanks in advance.

@yaaashua the pressed and disabled issue was fixed in my rewriting. I may finish it soon.


Hi @jare , will you be rolling out the fix soon?


@kerfufflemonkeygames @yaaashua i finish the rewriting. Could you please try again? Thanks.

  • Exported buttons now have properly the graphics n_n
  • (I ll test tomorrow probably the android crash)

notes: I opened the scene, selected all items from ASSETS and deleted them, and I got 2 log errors ( idk if its relevant or not)

msg1 :
[db-task][delete] Failed to delete imported assets of 56104385-ec6f-414f-9058-bb59031a1285 during clearImports, message: Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, scandir ‘C:\MyFolder\creator_project\library\imports\56’
at Error (native)

msg 2:
Task [save-editor-mode:[scene]] run error, stop running other tasks.
Error: ipc timeout. message: scene:save-scene, session: 2@renderer:2012
at t.Error (native)
at new t (C:\CocosCreator\resources\app.asar\editor-framework\lib\share\ipc.js:1:1667)
at C:\CocosCreator\resources\app.asar\editor-framework\lib\renderer\ipc.js:1:404

note 2:
I created the scene for testing buttons… and then I renamed it
and now i get exported twice the scene (the old name and the new name, I haven’t tried if it keeps the data of the old one)


About msg1 and msg2, i think it is the issue of creator itself. @jare any idea?
About note 2, @jare does the old scene will be removed in assets folder?


everything from the assets folder gets deleted, but this scene is created again (with old name)
I just checked and this “old scene” contains old info, like the scene was before getting renamed.