Button needs to be clicked twice when video is playing

Hello everyone,

I have a UI layer that contains back button, mute button and a video player.
But the issue is if the video is playing, then the back or mute button needs to be clicked twice at first. I’m not sure what causes this issue.

Thank you

I will ask engineering to have a look.

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What is the version of creator you are using?

version 2.4.4

Hello @slackmoehrle the issue is only when videos are added locally I guess because when I added remote URL for the video it’s working fine.
Thank you

Can you provide a demo for testing?

Sure I will share it here.
I have another question also, is it possible to disable the video controls when playing in fullscreen mode?
Thank you

which platform?

for web platform. The game is developed for web

The videoplayer on the web platform uses the video tag, and there is no good way to achieve your function on the engine side.
But you can handle it in other ways, such as adding a mask on top of the video global to block the time response, and then turn off the display of this mask when the video is finished playing. Requires you to handle this additionally on the web platform.

I’m unable to reproduce that issue actually, even in the project its working fine actually.
If that issue happens again I will share it here.
Thank you

Okay, will check that. But is there any way to set video width and height to custom size? Because even if I disable Keep aspect ratio the video size keeps on changing in different devices and when I keep it same as its original aspect ratio, the canvas can be scrolled.
I’m enabling stay on bottom .
I will provide a demo for this tomorrow.

Thank you