Building both Mac and iOS in xcode

in xcode, if you build for both Mac and iOS, when you look into the cocos2d_libs.xcodeproj settings, what do you pick for the Base SDK? Mine is set to macOS 10.15.


I create a new target that has both my iOS and Mac targets as its targets. That way my iOS and Mac targets are built separately without overlap

Can you explain that more (pretend I’m stupid, LOL!)? Do you mean a target on the cocos2d library or on the application itself? When I try to add a new target, I can pick either iOS or Mac, can’t seem to pick both. What gets me is that I’ve used this same project 3-4 years now (maybe that’s part of my problem) and just change the name and bundle each year.

I may understand, not sure. If I click on cocos2d_libs.xcodeproj, there are three targets - Mac, iOS, and tvOS. Both the iOS and Mac look ok (I don’t use the tvOS), so I don’t know why I’m now having problems only with the iOS one.

But thank you, this helped me at least confirm that my targets are ok.