Building a Facebook Instant Game?

Building a Facebook Instant Game?

Hi :slight_smile: first time Coco Citizen :slight_smile:

I want to build a really simple game but am having a lot of trouble doing the simplest stuff like a mouse button. Is there anyone who can help me get started. This is the simple game I want to build for Facebook Instant Games :slight_smile:

@FILMon Please give us more information.

What version of Cocos tools are you using? Are you using Cocos Creator? Cocos Creator has build in support for Facebook Instant Games. If you are using some other tool like Cocos2d-x or Cocos2d-js we don’t support Facebook Instant Games with these engines.

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thanks for the reply Slackmoehrle. Cocos Creator. I chose it because it has the built in support. What I’m having trouble with is overall coding mouse interactions. Do you recommend any good place to start. I can’t imagine it has to be this hard to build a simple clicking game. I’m lacking the fundamentals. Should I just read the documentation? What do you recommend?

Thanks in advance! I’ll create a video on my YouTube Channel about my game once I’m done :slight_smile:

I would start with a search like this.