Build->Platform-> ... no iOs or Mac?

Build->Platform-> ... no iOs or Mac?


Hi Cocos team.

I’m using Cocos Creator on Windows and I remember that a long time ago I have “iOs” (or option to build a xCodeProject) in platform option for building (Project -> Build) .

But now I don’t see that option in my Cocos Creator. So did I miss setting up something?
Thanks !



I’m having the same problem. There is no ios in the dropdown of the build menu.

Thanks for the help, Guy


What version of Cocos Creator are you using?


Before version 1.9.2, but today I installed 2.0.0. Same issue. No ios choice on a windows 10 pc.

Beside this, also the sdkbox gui freezes after some time (see screenshot).


I’ve installed python 3.7 for windows.

Cocos creator is a great program, but the setup to get it work properly is hard for me.



You won’t be able to export/build to IOS on a windows machine, simply because windows machine don’t have environment/frameworks/libraries to export for IOS. You need a mac to start building for IOS.


Ok, it’s a shame, but I can live with it. I’ll find a mac to build the game for ios.

The other problem is also solved. Now I need to find out how to use all the sdkbox functionalities.

I even got the game compiled for android. A lot of programs needed to install, but now the apk file is made.

Thanks for the support.


how did you solved the Sdkbox issue quoted below?

I didnt find any answer about it. Thanks.