Build only Canvas in CocosCreator

Build only Canvas in CocosCreator

Hello everyone. We are evaluating the viability of using Cocos Creator to make web videogames that only uses Canvas and not WebGL. We test with the Hello World project template and build it with WebGL and CanvasRender options disabled in the Module Config.

But when we run the build in a navigator, it shows some errors:

Build with CocosCreator 2.0.0: (opened in Firefox)

Build with CocosCreator 2.0.1: (opened in Edge)

Is it possible to build and only Canvas (not WebGL) project with CocosCreator? How can we do that?

Thank you very much.

Bump. I am also interested in an answer to above.

Cocos Creator older version had a build option for building for Canvas only if needed, in cocos creator 2 this option is gone.

Anyway we can force a web build to canvas only?

Would really like an answer to this.

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I also interested in an answer it too!

please help me

you should enabled Canvas Renderer and disabled WebGL Renderer

Can you please tell how?

Look at main.js in the build folder (after you generate a web build).
You should modify the options that are sent to the function.
add ‘renderMode’ : 1 in the options json. This will force the rendering mode to canvas based rendering.