Build game to ios performance problems

Build game to ios performance problems
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Hello, could anyone help or give me some advice? I’m new in Cocos Creator and I want to start develop games with it, but I found some problem. I build this game to ios platfrom and than ran it with ios simulator in xcode and it’s very stupid and lagged. This is small game I think, why is it lagged? Can anyone help? Thank you very much.


I don’t know if you’ve tested the game on a real device but with the simulator you will get lag with most games. Note that I haven’t tested that demo on a real device but I’ve tested a game which I’ve made with Cocos Creator and I don’t see lag.


Thank you for your response, is your game is big? and all is good in android and ios after publish? Or you meet some problems with performance? Thank you so much


I haven’t published the game yet. The game itself is about 25mb. I tested the game on an iphone 5 and 5s as well as an android kitkat. I also have an Android marshmallow but haven’t tested yet. On kitkat it runs ok. Not perfect but ok. On the iphone it runs much better (very good). Performance depends on how you optimize your code and how advanced you want to go. Some devices will handle performance better than others. Size is not always a main factor. It depends on FPS and how you handle sprites. Duang Sheep (or flappy bird) requires high FPS because it is constant movement. The advantage of flappy bird is very few sprites. FPS can be affected by many factors which aren’t only related by your game but also system usage.