Build for web-mobile stuck/crash and can't be delete

I’m building with the dashboard 1.0.17 for the version 2.4.6for web-mobile

Usually the game build get stuck occasionally whether using the cocos creator or command prompt.

In command prompt, it get stucked at “common-asset-worker-worker crash”

In cocos creator, the build stucked at bulding [main] assets

Usually I rename the folder and can delete the file within the build folder after restarting my computer then I can build project again.

This time it can’t be deleted even using the command prompt del command.

The cocos creator is running in the task manager even after I restart my computer

and I can’t stop the operation even with task manager

Now I can’t build my project anymore as it’ll get stuck at deleting the content in the build folder even inside cocos creator.

I will ask engineering to look into this when they return from their national holiday.

After you delete these two folders, create a new project and try again.

Thanks! The file can be deleted now.

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