Build Cocos Creator to single file html in version 3.2

I want to create 3d playable ads using Cocos Creator version 3.2.0. Any one help me?

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Did you find anyway to do this?

I have success package all data into one file. But need we need to modify the engine a bit for support to override the loader.

You can follow my guide to do that.

  • Export the project without md5 cache
  • Package all script file into one file. You need to check the systemjs document
  • Convert all data to base64 then embed it to HTML file
  • Edit the cocos-engine to make sure you can override all functions below
    • cc.assetManager.downloader.downloadFile
    • cc.assetManager.downloader.downloadDomImage
    • cc.assetManager.downloader.downloadAudio
    • cc.assetManager.downloader.downloadScript

I think this feature is doable and it should support by Cocos Creator instead of trying to hack the engine.

Here is the result of my project.


this is good work i’ll test it out.
The game is also really fun to play

Does it work for the version 3.3?

Laminhruong, please, can you describe the algorithm in more detail?
This is an urgent task. There are no ready-made tools for Cocos Creator 3 and the Cocos Creator team is not going to embed this in feature. Thanks.

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