Bugs associated with the new iOS 14 feature "Scribble"

Cocos2dx 3.17.2
iOS14 + iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

I found the Apple Pencil scribble working with an app using cocos2dx.
This is happening in all cocos2dx apps.
The solution is to turn off “scribble” from the settings app.
Is there a way to solve it from my app?

Just out of curiosity, why would you want to turn that feature off?

My app has users playing with Apple Pencil.
Also, I think it is appropriate for “scribble” to work in text fields, etc.

I’m confused now. In your initial post you stated that Scribble is working with Cocos2d-x, and that you want to turn it off:

Yet now you’re stating that you actually want it to work:

So, what is exactly is the issue?

I’m not good at English.
After launching the app, “scribble” works in full screen.
It’s not a text field.
I can’t touch or swipe with my Apple pencil.

Your English is perfectly fine!

So, the bug is that you can’t touch or swipe with the Apple pencil if Scribble is turned on. I understand what you mean now.

Thank you, I will attach a reference video
This is an app made by cocos2dx
Touch and swipe with Apple Pencil and “scribble” is working
dragonquest.zip (965.7 KB)

I confirm this bug in one of our games too.

When Scribble feature is on, it should show the keyboard automatically only when there is native text area.

We dont have a textfield area either. For some reason, when user tries to play our game with pencil, the keyboard keeps appearing.

There are 3 solutions here:

  1. Find a way to disable scribble in the app but keep it on in general for rest of apps.
  2. If ita ios bug it will be fixed on their side hopefully.
  3. If its cocos bug, we need to figure out why its happening

One solution is to update to cocos2dx 4.0
I have doubts about the stability of v4.0, but it can’t be helped.

I want to support iOS 12 and below, so please tell me the solution in v3.x

solution in v3.x

Remove “UITextInput” in CCEAGLView-ios.h

@interface CCEAGLView : UIView <UIKeyInput, UITextInput, UITextInputTraits>

@interface CCEAGLView : UIView <UIKeyInput, UITextInputTraits>

I don’t know if this is the best solution

Indeed, we also are experiencing this issue. We have coloring book game, where you could use Apple Pencil to draw stuff. Now, on iOS 14, Scribble thinks whole screen is a TextField and you’re unable to draw anything unless you turn off scribble.

I’d try out a solution, but won’t it prevent TextField from working? It’s rarely needed even in a game :slight_smile:

I don’t know because I don’t use TextField in my project.
Please tell me the result if you like.