[Bug report] Node hidden by a mask get shown in another mask?

[Bug report] Node hidden by a mask get shown in another mask?

I’m using 2.0.10 but still getting this old issue with previous versions

Suppose I have 2 masked nodes A & B with corresponding children C & D;
Sometime when I move A & near to B in simulator, C get shown in mask of both A & B, as well as D get overlap C to show in both A & B.

Anyone who experienced this please help me with a solution?

Update: I’ve attached a project that reproduces the bug in details.
Please take a look!

Cocos_2_0_10_Mask_Bug.zip (868.7 KB)

BTW, how can I mark this post as a bug report?

Anyone has any idea for this problem?
@pandamicro pls help

Try informing the people at the git page,

P.s, please don’t spam your own topic, such behavior can be un helpful, when we have seen your post, we have seen your post, some just really cannot help. So the post only gets in the way of other patient people :slight_smile:

Is there a way to make people not do this? It’s fairly common and inconvenient

He is just asking for help in his own topic. And his last reply is after 5 days.
I wont think this count as spamming.
I believe everyone has their problems and if they are desperate for reply, they would re-push their topic to above in the forum.

Sorry for acting like spammer
I’ve reported at the git page you gave.

I will ask engineering to test your bug.

@jare can you ask a team member to test?

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