Bug in PageView Events

Bug in PageView Events


Hi @slackmoehrle

The “scroll-began” event does not fire as it should ,while its complementary event ie “scroll-ended” fires correctly.

Like what happens is scroll-ended fires without first scroll-began being fired.


Thanks I will ask @jare to have the team look at this.


hi,bro, I can’t reappear your problem, could you upload a demo for me to check your problem?

and hope you can read the tutorial carefully.


In scroll view the mentioned bug does not exist.

Try in page view


Thx for your feedback, this problem has been fixed.There is the PR:

by the way, I’m apologize to you,that make you waiting so long time, and hope you can keep your enthusiasm for develop with us.


Appreciate it.

For 2d games, creator is my go to engine.
And keenly waiting to see the direction of ongoing 3d stuff.