BUG? ClippingNode and using effects like normal map

BUG? ClippingNode and using effects like normal map
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My game has a stage (basically just a node…) which is added onto a ClippingNode, which has a stencil that obviously clips the stage…

Now if I add lighting effects (using normal maps) to the sprites that are added to the stage, the whole screen goes wild and buggy and hell breaks loose. Using iPhone.
The lighting effects I use is this code: https://github.com/CodeAndWeb/cocos2d-x-dynamic-lighting

If I use both of these effects, clipping AND lighting effects -> buggy
If I use only clipping -> OK
If I use only lighting effects -> OK

So obviously there is a compatibility problem with these two, or the way I use them.

Did anyone run into something similar?

The problem might be in the lighting code and how normal maps are applied etc.


Did you find a solution to that problem? I am facing the same issue right now :tired_face: