Btmatrix3x3 invalid

Btmatrix3x3 invalid

[UPDATE: there is a temporary fix, shared by hexerror:

(I’ve additionally wondered if I can just remove bullet from my project)]

I haven’t updated my Mac to Catalina yet, but did update to the latest Xcode just to test my project and hopefully verify that it’ll run under Catalina. However, now cocos won’t build (I have 3.17), because it breaks in btMatrix3x3.h for both iOS and Mac. It breaks on line 861 on iOS (more on Mac) with “Argument value 10880 is outside the valid range (0, 255)” It also breaks in btVector3.h

I pulled in some 3.17.1 code, but I haven’t made the jump to 3.17.2 because of the big change in paths for Windows applications.