Book page, bend Texture

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hello Dear, currently I looking for bend object similar to turning pages in a book tutorial ,but I want to bend custom bend from left ,right ,top ,bottom . so please kindly help me how to do that and thank up in advance.

@reaksmey maybe you can refer to this article, but it’s in Chinese.

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Thank you so much for your reply , and how can I custom more to bend all corner as squeeze​ card or bending card? , and I read again and again to find out about tutorial turn book page but I still hard with your formula, so can you make a tutorial for “squeezing card” or “bending card” because I think this tutorial so useful for cocos2d developer and popular question ,Thank you in advance !

Hi, what does “squeezing card” and “bending card ” look like?it seems an effect of a poker game and is part of the game.

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yes ,look like this Possible do 3d squeeze cards?

yes, please kindly share us for reference in forum .

Sorry, this is a specific effects demand, there is no existing implementation to provide a reference. Please thinking by yourself.