Bomber SQuad Online

Bomber SQuad Online


Team : JogoMobi Viet Nam

Engine : Cocos Creator


congrats on the release.



Difficult to release in my country.

Maybe, that game was released 2-3 months ago (^____^).

Ours team have no enough money, so have to depend on Deal with Publisher.

But, Publisher always want to make time-line longest.


Game Play



We are JoGoMoBi.

We are team with 1 coder, 1 artist, 1 anamator.

We have 12 games and 6 years experience.

Now we hope to get some investment to grow up.

We want to build a social game company.

We are waiting for help from investors, ventures…

Please contact :




I am interested to support in your game, also I’ve sent you an email to Appreciate contacting me.