Bomb Rush - minimalist pixel art game [Android]

Bomb Rush - minimalist pixel art game [Android]



My first game with Cocos Creator 2.0.5 (while learning it :star_struck:). Has been released for Google Play Store. It is a simple minimalist game in retro-styled pixel art arcade.

Get it on Play Store!


Comments and feedback welcome!


Congrats on releasing your game!

It does look retro. :slight_smile: Most of the games I loved during my like have had a retro feel. I think since I grew up with an NES.

Any plans for an iOS version?


Thank you for your kindest remark @slackmoehrle! Yes, NES is my kindling too!

Currently, I have no plans for an iOS version. I want to familiarize myself deeper with Cocos Creator first, before dare to manage more store platforms.