BlurNode are built into engine?

BlurNode are built into engine?
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Is this engine has any BlurNode, so when I add it on the scene it’s blurs everything under it, or for example I can set which Nodes, Sprites should be blurred?


use a shader?

Or this was asked by another user:


It’s too complicated for me. Using shaders is hard. There are a lot of code which I don’t understand at all. Have you got a solution? Maybe you created already such class and can share? Thank you in advance. Also, performance is the key in such blur, so it should be tested and optimized, thats why I’m asking if pro developers, who work on the engine already done this…


@Deprecated This is in no way meant as a dig at you. It’s understandable that you would not want to recreate the wheel, and while having someone else provide you with exactly what you want can be helpful, it has the downside of not helping you become a better programmer (or become one of the “pro developers” as you mentioned).

Learning can be very satisfying, and it can be considered as an investment in yourself. The more you know, the more opportunities open up for you. slackmoehrle gave you perfectly good answer to your query (it’s actually an amazing post on stackoverflow, well worth the read), and it seems unreasonable to ask for anything more.


If shaders are complicated for you ask questions and let’s talk about it.

We also have this:


I’m not a programmer actually. Just know a little bit. These questions are for my team.
But I’ve got an answer, there is no built in blur node into the engine.

Asked yes, but that user banned here, I can’t ask for a solution to him if it exist anyway.
Have you checked that question? Tried that blur node? Giving a link to another question in not a solution for my current question.
Give me please BlurNode.h and BlurNode.cpp so I can just use them in my game. Thanks you in advance.

What I suppose to do with this? Can you do this or any cocos2d-x developer? Please.


I have tried that code and it works. The code from StackOverlow I mean.

That doc tells you about shaders and how to use them in the engine.

It might be very hard for yoy asking questions and expecting answers you can follow if you aren’t a developer. It’s sort of like me taking a job as a Dr. when I’ve only been a Nurse. The skill set requirements are steep.

So ask questions as you need to but it is unfair to criticize us for the engine not being simple enough for non developers to follow. We don’t advertise that our engine acts this way.


There are a lot of code and methods. Can you give me your BlurNode.cpp to test too?

I’m using engine because I’m not a super developer. I’m just creating Sprites and Node and behind that simple things - a lot of OpenGL code. So I just want/ask the same for BlurNode. Nothing complex for developers of the engine as I understand.


I can probably make an example in the next few days.


So you tested that code and it worked, so you have blurred some images and get results.
But you didn’t actually, I know that. There are several examples, which exactly you’ve used and tested?


Sorry I haven’t had time to write a whole example. I used SO and some of my own code.

Edit: hmm, I tried my test projects and this doesn’t work on Android, it actually crashes my device. lol.