Black screen appears in bottom when rotated from portrait to landscape

Hello everyone.
the game developed is for web platform. When I rotate the device from portrait to landscape mode, black screen appears in the bottom(attached image for reference) in iPhone 6/7/8 devices.

Can anyone help in resolving this issue?
Cocos creator version 2.4.4

Thank you

I can ask engineering to have a look. Do you have a demo?

How did you do the screen adaptation? Through a widget component, or some other way?

I have added widget component. I have also added resize event listener and used cc.view.setFrameSize() but without that code also it’s the same issue.

Can you provide a demo to look at, I think the adaptation strategy has a relationship.

Here is the project link: GitHub - maheshnnaik/CocosCreatorBackgroundTest

@muxiandong here is the github hosted link:

@slackmoehrle @muxiandong Any updates on the issue?

Engineering will reply once they have reviewed the provided materials.

Hi, are you using iphone 6/7/8 phones to reproduce this problem on safari browser? This problem is a bug on iOS14, after adding this meta information, when the screen is rotated, the address bar will not be pulled down, but the height of the whole web document is the height after subtracting the address bar, resulting in incorrect behavior in the height adaptation

            content="width=device-width,user-scalable=no,initial-scale=1, minimum-scale=1,maximum-scale=1"

Link [1.9.x] ios14 safari 旋转 横屏后 不全屏 · Issue #9284 · cocos-creator/engine · GitHub

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yes, using iphone 6/7/8 devices.

Is there any work around or solution to this issue. It would be really helpfull if there is any work around.
Thank You.

After confirming with our engineers, I regret to tell you that this problem, for the time being, has no solution.

Okay. Once the solution found, please share it here.
Thank you

@muxiandong @slackmoehrle I checked a sample project in cocos creator version 2.3.3, there it is working fine but not in 2.4.4. Can you please take a look at this.
Thank you

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@muxiandong @slackmoehrle I followed the steps from the below link CC + HTML5, trouble in iOS iphone11 - #16 by Koei
This appears to fix the issue.

Thank you.

Excellent. Thank you for the reply. I’ll pass this along to engineering for confirmation.

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This solution can solve some problems, but there may be some differences due to the model, but it is indeed a better solution at present.

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Yes, for now it is working, and Please let us know in this thread when you have found a proper solution for this.
Thank you