Bitmap font turn to black box - V2.4.3 - Web

It is normal if I use the system font
I just upgrade from 2.3.4 to 2.4.3 and have this issue on Web version and this warning from Chrome

[.WebGL-0x7fa7010c5400]RENDER WARNING: there is no texture bound to the unit 0

FF and Safari same problem, but different warning

@jokerx86 This issue has been fixed in v2.4.4. This is the PR where it was fixed:

It didn’t work, script didn’t call to this function ‘_resetFrame’.

Sorry for this mistake. It is displayed as a black block because the picture used by Bitmap font was destroyed by mistake. When _resetFrame is called, the situation of Bitmap font is not considered and the picture resource will be released. Can you confirm whether the modified custom engine is effective? You can check whether the code is modified during debugging and preview in the browser. Or you can use version 2.4.4 to test your demo. If there are still problems, you can submit your demo for verification.

It never call to ‘_resetFrame’ function. When change label string it will back to normal and immediate turn to black box

Ok it worked. I didn’t edit the correct file, I edited ‘engine/cocos2d/core/components/CCLabel.js’ and “Compile Engine” but code didn’t update, so I have edited ‘engine/bin/cocos2d-js-for-preview.js’.

Debug breakpoint didn’t work, source map seem incorrect.

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