Better JS syntax highlighting for Cocos Code IDE?

Better JS syntax highlighting for Cocos Code IDE?

Hi everyone. I’m just getting started with cocos2d-js. I’ve noticed that out of the box, webstorm has much better syntax highlighting than Cocos Code IDE. Here is an example of what I’m talking about.

I’ve got the exact same file open with Cocos Code IDE on the left and webstorm on the right. Is there a way to transfer over the syntax coloring assignment from webstorm to cocos code ide (aside from manually choosing the colors)? Is there a plugin that fixes this problem? I’ve tried the eclipse color theme plugin. While it changes the colors, stuff like objects and their attributes stay the same color towards each other.

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We are researching migration ide to new webstorm now, but there are many problems to be solved,
Thank you for the suggestion

any news so far?

I’m in the same boat too.

I’m getting started with Cocos2d-JS and I actually like the JavaScript auto-completion in Code IDE v1.1.0 :slight_smile:

I’m still hesitant to upgrade to v2.0 though. And I’m interested in having a dark theme and Monokai font color.
Anyone know how I can do this with a plugin or any other way?

Hey guys,
here is a better syntax highlighting I made for Code IDE: