[Beta Android/iOS] World of Blocks

[Beta Android/iOS] World of Blocks



Hello there!

I am finishing my next game with cocos2dx: World of Blocks :wink: It would be really great if you could check how it runs on your device and share some feedback.

Ps. Yes, there will be a trailer in the final release :wink:
Ps2. Official release is scheduled for the end of January 2019 (at least that’s the plan :P).

Thank you!

Android Beta link:

iOS Testflight link:


Very good UI effects.

Did you use any special tools or was everything developed manually? For example, the movements of the buttons to enter and exit the scene.

And the effects? What tool did you use?


Thank you @tranthor.

I have used pure c++ and spine for animal animations. I am still learning animation system in cocos, but it is really nice and effective if you finally know what you want to achieve :slight_smile:

All the effects are done manually in the code - yeah, it wasn’t easy, but I hope the final effect is quite nice.


Congratulations on release how long did it take for play store to release it?


Thanks @Musab, this is beta, so there is still some work to be done.

In Google Play build is shown in few hours to the public. In App Store it took around 2-3 days for the review.


Finally, trailer for iOS is ready:

It shows a little bit more of the gameplay :wink: