Best way to get revenue in china

Best way to get revenue in china
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i have more than 50 apps in Apple app store. 30 days downloads are about 68000 and most of them are from china ( about 61000). but i have zero ad impression. I have used admob to show ads. I went through Googles groups discussions and alot of people are going through same. So i feel like there is a problem with admob to show ads in china.
I want to ask what is the best strategy to get revenue from china. Which ad network should i use that can do well in china as well as all other countries?
Please help.


I would ask on the Chinese Language forums:



Basically, Google doesn’t exist in China. So do Admob You should check out other ad companies, which work in China.


Unity Ads.
And I flagges this topic as off topic because it is : “cocos2d-x -> C++

  1. Any good news for using Admob in China?
  1. Can Unity Ads be used in Cocos app? (as I get - it can be used, but there are same bad news for using it in China as for Admob)

  2. Is there any problem for EU/USA person to get revenue from China advertising in apps?

  3. What advertising banner engine should be used for China in Cocos2d-x?

  4. Off-topic: any hint for (easy) publishing my app/game in China?


You should look into ANYSDK.


Thank you very much; but new questions appeared:

  1. Using AnySDK can I use AdMob, Google-Play-Services? (if yes, then as I get I should use third-part version of AdMob and other SDK for AnySDK, correct?)

  2. As I get there ~500 app shops in China (so I think publisher in China should be used for main ~5 to get ~70% of users); what about AdBanners SDK (for China) - could I get some SDK (for coding and compiling or even testing) OR will I have to give source-code to publisher in China? Or is there any other way?