Barrelrinth [Android]

Barrelrinth [Android]
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Hi, Finally i´ve finished my first game, thank to the developers of cocos2dx, the community, and Sonar Systems, for those excellents tutorials, that helped me in the start.

it took me around 1 year, i made everything, code, art, even i tweaked the sounds with audacity(i need more practice)
Cocos2dx Version 3.12

Sorry for my bad english, i should be studing english instead C++ :smile:

What do you think?, Thanks.


I like juicy graphics. :wink:
But after seeing the screenshots, I still have no idea how to play.
So I would advise you to change the screenshots or/and add a video.


Good luck in the play store! I hope you release an iOS version.

Also I think its spelled “labyrinth”


Thank to both, spelled Corrected. i updated the description and im making better Screenshots.


You could also try an icon with a blue border instead of the green border. And you could use AB testing to see if it is better or not.


Much better Now.

Blue border? it does not convince me too much.

im gonna try AB testing, any way. Thank you very much.


Yes, it is better. :wink:

About the icon - I meant to change only the border. It is better not to change the background, since you have a green background in the game. And the avocado should be green. :smile: