Bang Russian Roulette now is open source

Bang Russian Roulette now is open source

Hi everyone.

Long time thoughts necessary to open the source code of my game or not and decided to open the code for the community because I believe that it will help create more online multiplayer games, you can take it here:

Short description:
client written with cocos2dx C++ with usage of low level socket programming, used sdkbox play plugin to identify players, for network protocol used Protobuf, the server written with Scala language and Akka framework, communication with database Hibernate.


wow this is great! thanks @camkadev

wow, great!!

Thank you very much for this. Such a good resource for the community.

@camkadev, i build your project, but can’t find some files.
such as “#include <google/protobuf/stubs/common.h>”??
where do find “google/protobuf/stubs/…”, it’s included in u project? thanks!:slight_smile:

My recommendation would be to include full project with all libs and cocos2d-x to be able just clone and run project - otherwise many things will change over time and it will be impossible to run your project - even now it requires additional extra knowledge to try out your code.

Hey great contribution ! remember your post on building the game .
What was it in the end did you used udp or tcp ?
can you share what problems did you had when you go live with the game ?

some time it looks like i ignore some one, but it is not, i just sleep because my time zone GMT+4:00

I should write one thing about project setup:
client and server has its own ReadMe files, so all setup is described there, if it is not clear lets help me to make it clear

so @rickystone you need to read server readme file, there is written about protobuf.

ok i will upload SdkBox plugins, but not Cocos2dx itself because my idea is to share game, not engine, i will note what last working version i use.

i can answer you partially: i use TCP
i can’t answer you for second question because i catch a cold and my brain is not working :slight_smile:

Ok man feel well

Thanks, this is great for learning :nerd_face:

updated project:

  • added plugin related libraries;
  • fixed build paths;
  • corrected readme files;

thanks, now i am good :v:

I think your code really is great as an example of how to use protobuf with c++ and glassfish. I’m working on an app for a charity where they need to collect realtime analytics. I would really like to talk with you about how I could make a start using your method. Can I hire you for a day?

lets talk at private messages

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Hi, thanks a lot for sharing, i went to, but download button is not working there, what should i do?

maybe you should go to Downloads page?!

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Thanks a lot, sth happened on my browser, and now all things are ok

Bitbucket team noticed that Mercurial repository support will be stopped at June 2020 and existing repos will be removed.
So i just migrated my repo to GitHub: new link to repo