Auto Completion Cocos Creator 1.7

Auto Completion Cocos Creator 1.7


Hi, i’m using vscode 1.18.1 for creator editor. unfortunately, auto completion not working properly as I type in editor. I’ve installed vs code workflow. And this is extension in my vscode:

tried open js-test sample but it’s the same. am i missing something ?

Use VSCode to debug cocos2d-x JSB programs

@jare could you please take a look?


or auto completion is basicly the same setting with debugging in this link Use VSCode to debug cocos2d-x JSB programs ?
in this video it seems the guy success to manage it. but i dont have any idea.
i tried run debugging the result always:


i find out somehow, i recreated project, the problem is i broke the launch json. it’s work now.


Glad to hear that you resolved it. Auto completion is different from debugging, it is another plugin to do it.


yes, but some of code like node or prefab type is lack of auto completion. like this.node.x or this.node.position, information about x and position is not available.

is there any plan for better version auto completion in vscode ?


I forwarded the issue to my co-workers.


thanks for response, I greatly appreciate it


Hi im using newest cocos creator v1.9, my vscode still dont show up auto completion, i wonder is it because i leave js engine blank ?
because auto completion only show for cc.component, like cc.RotateBy, cc.Moveby, etc but not for node object like label property or x/y position, etc. Sorry for noob question im trying to move from -x to creator.


Did you click on all 5 entries?


i did, i simply click update update vs code api and install vs code ext. the problem is when i type like this.node.rotationX , auto completion for rotationX did not show up. Or that feature do not exist yet ?


I have no problems with autocompletion for that.

You should try to click on all 5 entries in the menu.


not working on my vscode, can i see your cocos creator preference on native develop section?


I only use it for web based stuff.


i mean, did u linked javascript engine to your cocos creator ? i’ve clicked all entries, but still no working.


It’s not something you have to do for the web version as far as I know. I have several colleagues that all run 1.9 with VS code with no problems.

Maybe try a fresh install of VS Code?


yes,i think i should reinstalled my vs code. I don’t know how to set it up correctly, is this tutorial enough ? or any else ?


There’s not really much you have to do. With every project I start I make sure to click all 5 entries in the “VS Code Workflow” and it just works from there. That’s why I think that your VS Code may be borked or there is something installed that overrides the CC configs.


after re-install and delete all of code data, its still not working. the weird thing is when i created new blank js file and tried to type cc and hit “.” it’s type “CSSConditionRule”. what should i do ? it’s look like cc not detected. auto-completion for typescript is working, but not for js file.
this is my project link. i don’t have any idea why it’s not work on my machine :expressionless:


same issue here, VS Code auto complete with typescript but do not work with js.