AudioSource.EventType.ENDED calls only once

Hi all, I want to know when a music in my game ends, I am trying to use AudioSource.EventType.ENDED event, but it calls only for first ended audio:

		node.on(AudioSource.EventType.ENDED, (arg1) => {

I can ask engineering to have a look.

What version of Creator are you using?

Cocos Creator 3.4.0

I tested that I can always listen to the ENDED callback. The premise is that loop = false.
you can also get the current playback status to determine if the playback is over.

let state = this.BGAudiosource.playing;

Or get the current playback time and compare it with the audio duration using currentTime.

let currentTime = this.BGAudiosource.currentTime;
let duration = this.BGAudiosource.duration;