AudioEngine random crash on initialization (ios, perhaps windows)

AudioEngine random crash on initialization (ios, perhaps windows)
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This year, I thought I’d move from the simple audio engine to the experimental AudioEngine, so that I could easily have crowd noise and music playing in the background (and sound effects during animation), and change each volume separately. Generally does great, although I notice that on Windows the volumes sometimes change randomly.

However, what’s worse is that I occasionally crash in the XCode simulator (I haven’t tested enough on the device, and the crash is very seldom). Here’s a stack trace:

Thread 1 Queue : (serial)
#0 0x00000001117d4b6e in __pthread_kill ()
#1 0x000000011180e080 in pthread_kill ()
#2 0x000000011142fc97 in abort ()
#3 0x000000010f1d9f60 in _ReportRPCTimeout(char const*, int) ()
#4 0x000000010eec83fe in _CheckRPCError(char const*, int, int) ()
#5 0x000000010eecae2f in AURemoteIO::Initialize() ()
#6 0x000000010f1e2675 in AUBase::DoInitialize() ()
#7 0x000000010f1ee0b7 in AUMethodInitialize(void*) ()
#8 0x000000010e9caba0 in OALDevice::InitializeGraph(char const*) ()
#9 0x000000010e9caa25 in OALDevice::OALDevice(char const*, unsigned long) ()
#10 0x000000010e9cd462 in alcOpenDevice ()
#11 0x0000000108f090fd in cocos2d::experimental::AudioEngineImpl::init() at /Users/kerryadmin/Documents/development/psf2016/psf/cocos2d/cocos/audio/apple/
#12 0x0000000109379a43 in cocos2d::experimental::AudioEngine::lazyInit() at /Users/kerryadmin/Documents/development/psf2016/psf/cocos2d/cocos/audio/AudioEngine.cpp:172
#13 0x00000001089315bf in AppDelegate::applicationDidFinishLaunching() at /Users/kerryadmin/Documents/development/psf2016/psf/Classes/AppDelegate.cpp:359
#14 0x0000000108e66d04 in cocos2d::Application::run() at /Users/kerryadmin/Documents/development/psf2016/psf/cocos2d/cocos/platform/ios/
#15 0x0000000108951a2e in ::-[AppController application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:](UIApplication *, NSDictionary *) at /Users/kerryadmin/Documents/development/psf2016/psf/proj.ios_mac/ios/

If anyone has any suggestion, I’d appreciate it!