[Audio] Sound Design / Music Production - Chirp Chirp Sounds

[Audio] Sound Design / Music Production - Chirp Chirp Sounds

Hey there!

I’m an independant sound designer / music producer and the founder of Chirp Chirp Sounds (http://chirpchirpsounds.com). I create audio for games, animations, films and also work as a ghost producer.

Just want you to know if you need some creative audio (whether it is music, sound design, dialog editing etc) feel free to message me. I know how important your projects are and I’ll be glad to make them sound good.

These are some of my works:

- Onward Internet (Sound Design & Music)

- Brick Shot 2 (Sound Design)

- Fast Track (Sound Design)

- Wobblers (Music & Sound Design)

- Magic Mountains (Sound Design)

- Tower of Beauty (Music & Sound Design)

- Tummy Slide (Sound Design)

- M U R M U R ( Sound Design)

Here’s my soundcloud profile

e-mail: contact@chirpchirpsounds.com



Made the music and sound design for the “Drake Escape”.

Here’s the trailer (the music in the traileris not mine :p):

Listen to the actual music from the game at my SOUNDCLOUD

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.emicogames.drakeescape

Here’s my DEMOREEL:

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Check out some mysterious music for a “London City Detective” game:

Here’s a trailer for the upcoming animated short film called “The Law of Life”

I had such a great time creating sounds for these cuties^^​​​​​​​
Robot Merge by Umbrella Games:

You can download the game here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/robot-merge/id1418825045?mt=8

Sound Design for Hit The Moon! game

Listen to ‘The Middle Eastern dream (loop)’ by Chirp-Chirp Sounds on SoundCloud

The loop is available for a non-exclusive license: contact@chirpchirpsounds.com

Hey dude, great job! I would definitely consider co-op with you in my upcoming projects.

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Thanks! Feel free to contact me via my email to stay in touch:)

Check out the Kickstarter campaign from our friends @ Drowning Monkeys Games!
We had so much fun making music and sound design for their project called “Castle Kong”.

Check out a part of the music track for the upcoming experimental short called “Beam”:

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Music tracks for the Castle Kong game

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/877330/Castle_Kong/

Check out the track for the Hidden Doubloon game:

Here’s atmospheric track created as a commission for a story-driven RPG crawler:

Cinematic Demoreel: