Asset bundles for minigames

I was reading over the page on Asset bundles here: Asset Bundle · Cocos Creator

and when I got to the FAQ, I read this one:

  • Q: Does the Asset Bundle support the lobby plus sub games mode?
    A: Absolutely, subgame scenes can be placed in the Asset Bundle and loaded when needed, and subgames can even be pre-built as an Asset Bundle in other projects and then loaded for use in the main project.

I don’t really know what “lobby plus sub games mode” is but it seems like an interesting topic to me. Especially if you were making an extensible mini-game platform. How is this supported in Cocos Creator? Are there any example projects that show how you’d structure such a thing?


You can refer to : cocos-test-projects/assets/cases/asset-bundle at v3.4 · cocos/cocos-test-projects · GitHub

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