As VSCode is no longer supported. What editor do you use?

As VSCode is no longer supported. What editor do you use?

When working with Typescript/Javascript, what editor can I use with intellisense and integrated building/debug environment?

Any feedback would be very much appreciated.


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VSCode setup for CocosCreator

I think it’s great for JSer


Are you using it? Can you set breakpoints and build/execute from webstorm?


No longer supported? Did I miss something?


Yes, we all missed. And official statement. Apparently VSCode is not supported since… nobody knows. Read here: 1.7.2-1.8 VSCode some breakpoints not working


Well, shit. That’s pretty bad news. Why?

Does that mean that type completion and breakpoints will no longer work at some point?
VSCode is one of the best TypeScript editors there is. Are they dropping TypeScript as well?

Honestly I don’t see myself using an alternative editor for anything web related.


I feel your pain. I work with TS too and Im worried too. I havent got any answers so far…
The thing is we dont know when they are dropping something. They just do. It seems the dev team is totally disconnected of game developers needs.

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I suppose their target is mainly Chinese / Asian so that forum is where their official statements go. Which I can sort of understand. I hasn’t been that big a problem until now since I haven’t had major problems with the engine that I couldn’t fix myself.

But since we currently don’t know where node modules, TypeScript, and VSCode are going I’ll have to keep my eyes open to alternatives.

But it is a free product after all so they can do with it as they please.


Oh no, this is very bad news. But I think as long as we have the type definitions getting updated (aka. supporting TypeScript) it should be good to continue using VS Code.

I’m not actually sure what the CC VS Code extension even does?


I am asking the engineering team more about this situation.


Thank you!


nop, i use notepad plus plus,webstorm is not a free software;

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can set breakpoints but i dont know if it can build/execute cocos game

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Can we get a follow up on this?


Sure, let me ask for an update. I know everyone is super busy + a long holiday break coming up.


Hi, any feedback?


I got WebStorm for free for 1 year. Just google how to get it.


@jrosich @Ronsku
May i know which editor you use for Creator?
I am trying with VSCode but intellisense not working apart from CC api.
I just started playing with Creator so i required this to learn.
Any experience with Webstorm?


I am using Cocos Creator 2.1 with VS Code and Typescript intellisense not only for Cocos framework but also for my own classes. I can also debug in the browser, no problem at all.

The only thing I was not able to do yet was to debug in a connected Android phone, but I confess that I have not spent much time to investigate the reason.


I just use and Chrome Dev Tools.