Arrow Mania [Android & iOS]

Arrow Mania [Android & iOS]
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Just released 4th May Arrow Mania on Android, please check it out. Free download.

Also on iOS, check link in sig.



Hi Gav,
You make a great game, I very admire you hard word :smiley:
I’m very interested in your technique with moving camera and parallax.
How do you do it and which control you use in your game?
Thanks in advanced.


Nice +5


Thanks for the comments!

The camera is based on the “CCFollow” class, taken from one of the test code routines. The basic sample code keeps the “followed” sprite (my bow) in the center of the screen, it moves the map following this sprite. I added a variable so I could offset the main character left/right/up/down. In my tile-maps I have invisible objects at certain points like when the player reaches a point in the level they are to move right - they hit one of these areas and I add to my offset variable and so the camera pans.

The parallax is quite simply sprites. For example the ground is three layers. Each scrolls left and right depending on the X position in the map and they loop round. Each layer moves at a different speed like layer 1 “XPosOfSprite = XMapPosition / 1.2f”, layer 2 is “XPosOfSprite = XMapPosition / 1.8f”, etc. The clouds are just the same as the ground parallax except they also have another offset variable which increases every frame to move them along in the wind.


Hi Gav,
Thanks for your sharing :smiley:
CCFollow is beautiful thing, maybe I use this control in my game.



Well in todays world it seems nobody wants to pay a cent for a game that isn’t by a big publisher, so there was little else to do other than make the free version the whole game just with adverts (there still is a paid version without ads, but out of every 2000 downloads I probably sell one paid version).

I thought I’d share some stats about revenue from ads. This info is for my Android version, I have an iOS version with the same “active install” numbers but there is something wrong with the iOS version as I make half the amount from iAD+MMedia banner ads as I do from Androids AdMob (this shouldn’t be the case).

Anyway, the stats:
These stats are from my Google Dev console, Google Analytics stats and Advert accounts. Arrow Mania Free on Android, which gets played for an average 4min 15secs by each “active” player in a day.

Per 500 active players per day. This active number is actual people who played according to Google Analytics, downloads and installs are different numbers!
# Admob brings in between $6 and $10. (banner ad shown in game). I also have MMedia as a backup id an Admob ad isn’t available, but that is rare and brings in $0.50.
# Vungle Video ads bring in between $2 and $4 per day. I try to show one each level end, depends on an ad being served and ready. You get paid if a player installs a game, averages 1-2 installs per 500 actives! As the player usually only sees the ad if they complete a level, the actual number of ads shown is also around 500 per day per 500 actives.
# Chartboost full screen intersertitial ads between $0 and $1 per day (shown only if a Vungle ad isn’t available at end of a level).

Have a look at the game and you’ll see these things in action.

I’m just finishing off adding Heyzap in the game right now, should be out in a few hours. A social “share your score, leaderboards, achievements” social SDK. I’m hoping to get more downloads with it. v1.19

Per user, well it averages out to about $0.05 per install, not a lot and shows I can’t afford to advertise! It also shows I’m not good at monitorization! I don’t have any IAPs or coins for people to buy, I’m relying on the ads alone.



Do you mind sharing how you added Vungle in your iOS version of the game? I’m stuck at adding the Vungle view controller to the root view. Everytime i try to play an ad i get an error with no view controller supplied. Documentation and support from Vungle is scarce and you seem to be the only one to implemnt Vungle in cocos2d-x :slight_smile:

Best Regards


Hey Ahito,

All you should need is to pass your viewController that you created in

  • (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions
    the one based on RootViewController in the TestCpp project.

[VGVunglePub playModalAd:viewController animated:TRUE];

If that doesn’t work then it is something else, I will write a full guide for 2.2.3 in a couple of days.



Please help me . My your account have been deactivated from the Vungle . But i donot know why? Anyone can let me know?

Thanks in advance!




Please help me . My your account have been deactivated from the Vungle . But i donot know why? can let me know?

Best regards