Armed Chicks (available on Android & iOS)

Armed Chicks (available on Android & iOS)


Here I present my new game :slight_smile:
Developed in cocos2d-x 3.17 c++


Comments are welcome.
P.S.: The challenges still don’t work because Facebook hasn’t approved me to use user_friends. They ask me for documents that only companies have (i’m only a independent developer). Has anyone had this problem?



Looks awesome. I’ll play it! Congrats on the release.


I’m working on an update. Wait me :stuck_out_tongue:


Development never stops :slight_smile:

[GAME] Pixel BMX Race

The game has been updated in Android & iOS (bug fixes).
Thanks @mars3142 for test it.

Comments/suggestions are welcome :wink:


Downloading now !


New version available in Android & iOS ! (minor bug fixes and tweaks)
Thanks @dimon4eg for the feedback!

More Comments/suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


characters movement feels like slow and heavy


i mean not traveling speed but flying every time you touch and it would be better if you could make the wings move when touched and not non stop


Hmmm… i could accelerate the movements but it would be more hard to play. Is very easy the game for you? What’s your score? :slight_smile:

Yes, the flying animation is auto. Its not depend of the touchs…


yeah it kinda is okay because the character is THICC xd i don’t know i just wanted to let you know how i feel about it and its 440


your score is 440? it’s very poor haha, as you go, the game will become more complicated :wink:


Facebook authorized me to use user_friends
You can now play Challenges with your friends! :slight_smile: