Are you using v4 Metal currently?

Are you using v4 Metal currently?

Yep, it makes add/remove resources and change compiling flags very convenient. You don’t have to modify Xcode project file in MacOS, VS project file on windows, and on Android and so on.

Please create a new topic for it.

And thanks for trying v4.

OK all good. I will look at the code and make a PR and topic when I look into it, which may not be until Sunday.

I would like to give it a trial, which remote branch should I checkout? metal-support, v4, or v4-develop?

@stephenhurry the only v4 branch in our repo is: and it was updated just 2 hours ago. I’d say use this one. I believe the team is starting to prepare for releasing and making adjustments to locations, etc.

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Yep, it is v4 branch.

  1. Could you provide release date?
  2. Do you have any performance tests to compare v4 vs v3 renderer?
  3. Do you have roadmap for v4?
  4. Will you close branch v3 and continue development in v4 only?
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the iOS Xcode project cannot be created and I get this error: Could not find toolchain file: ../cmake/ios.toolchain.cmake

It is because it is not needed. And the usage changed: We will update the docs soon.

The new usage is

cmake .. -GXcode -DCMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME=iOS

And make sure your cmake is 3.15+.

Thanks. I found another problem, v4 is branched from v3.17, the fixes beyond v3.17.1 are not included.

I will synchronize modification from v3 to v4 once in a while. If you found some modifications are lost, you are appreciated to synchronize it or to point it out.

@zhangxm could you answer ?

Yup we can answer soon let us make sure we convey an accurate plan, etc.

All building and running nice and smoothly.
Great job! Love the cleaner CMake project process.

Will GLView::setDefaultCursor() and GLView::setCursor() be making a comeback in the near future - or is there another easy way to modify the cursors for desktop builds?

when will you release new version with metal support officially ? @slackmoehrle

It is coming soon. Not months. Not years. :slight_smile:

We can update you when we know an exact date.

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will it released at proper time?
when ios will stop to support openGL ?

yes, it will be available before then. But deprecation doesn’t mean removal quite yet. Apple deprecates and then removes a release or 2 after, usually.

so we have to not worry about this ?

No, we’ve been on this for months.