Are you interested in the documentation?

Hello guys and girls!

For a long time I have some ideas on how to improve the situation with the documentation for the engine.
I think that this project will require a lot of effort. And the efforts of one or two people will not be enough. (If only they do not get paid for it. But it is not what I had in mind.)

So my first step is to get some statistics.

  • What do you prefer?
  • I prefer a collection of tutorials.
  • I prefer the wiki with examples.

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  • What is your interest?
  • I am interested as a reader.
  • I am interested as a writer.

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Thank you for your time!

While I appreciate your efforts, I am not sure your polls are going to be helpful. We are not expanding the Wiki, in fact, it is being deprecated slowly, but surely. We also don’t do a lot with tutorials because things can change very quickly and they become obsolete very fast. I have done these polls in the past and a handful of people cast a vote. No real results are ever yielded.

I can tell you:

  1. Wiki is being deprecated.
  2. We continue to refine the Creator docs
  3. We continue to add content to docs/ and are going to start adding small web based demos inline with the programmers guide. JavaScript also needs to be finished being added.

The best place I think users can contribute is helping to add the JavaScript content that we need and also editing docs for clarity, typos, etc.


Thanks, but I have not done anything to appreciate… for now.
I am sure that my polls will be useful. Because in the worst case, it will show a lack of interest, which in itself is information.

  1. I do not mean your wiki. By the way why do you still have not deleted it?
    When I say a wiki, I mean a collection of short articles (or large articles in some cases) covering most of the cocos api.
    It should be something like your Api Reference but with good descriptions, examples and well-structured.
    And friendly for editing.
  2. Creator documentation is not my goal. Not now at least.
  3. I’ve seen what you’ve done with the Programmer’s Guide. Not bad. But this is only the most basic topics. And as I understand you do not have the resources to write more complex articles.

There is still content that needs to be moved to docs/

Like a knowledgebase?

We put resources into the programmers guide. I have content that I have been writing that starts to add advanced topics. We will always continue to add content here. It is important. If you have ideas for topics, please let me know. If you have content that is even better :slight_smile:

Hi @Magniffect

Very good observation there…God Bless…



Could you give a concrete example?

I’m sorry, I do not know what you mean.[quote=“slackmoehrle, post:4, topic:33691”]
We put resources into the programmers guide. I have content that I have been writing that starts to add advanced topics. We will always continue to add content here. It is important. If you have ideas for topics, please let me know.

I sent you my ideas in pm a long time ago.

Thanks, I think.

Do you remember our conversation about the C ++ support to the Creator?
You persistently claimed that the team is working on this, and that I’m not correct in my assumption that the actually the work does not go. About a week or two after that Ricardo began work on a parser from scratch.
Can I trust you now?

For some reason, the work on the Programmer’s Guide is going very slowly. You can say that the reason is the lazy bad users. And maybe it is right.

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Hi @slackmoehrle

That’s a good idea there, do you any open source knowledge base, we can install on the back end of the site, and start working on centralizing the current documents we have?

Here’s 1:

Let me know…God Bless…



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I was told that this was being worked on. I knew there were design discussions, etc. The c++ work was supposed to build on the existing Lua work that was done for Creator. Then Ricardo started working on it and he continues to do so. Please see the topic about this for updates.

It isn’t the only task that I have. There will be a new PG for 3.14.

We don’t have anything running, currently. At one point I had hoped the search at docs/ would serve this purpose but it hasn’t to my knowledge. I use MkDocs for docs/ and I haven’t updated Mkdocs in a while. I will plan to do this as part of our 3.14 docs release.

Thank you all for your answers!
It was very useful at least for me. Now I can see how the active community is small … or how it is not interested in the documentation.

I want to say a special thank you to people who have expressed their interest as potential authors. But given the amount of people who are interested, I am not ready yet to open my own server for this. Maybe someday.


I do not want to argue with you, because I think that is the loss of my and your time. But I got my opinion right now.

I mean including that you are not getting enough help from the community for some reasons.

Now I will ask you again

Preferably the reference to the content to be moved. I will see if I can help.
In addition, when other will see specific tasks, then maybe they will want to help too.

I understand that things change quickly and tutorials become old and outdated. What if there was one big tutorial like the Star Catcher game that was broken down into different sections of the game and then only the sections that need to be updated would get updated and the other sections can stay the same and keep relevant.

For example: building your first game
Section 1: Creating and adding sprites (I don’t think this section will change much and will always be the same)
Section 2: Add action to a sprite
Section 3: Adding collision detection (this section may change so update only this section as needed but the other sections can remain untouched)
Section 4: Publishing your game app (will this process change much in the future?)

This is just my thought.

I need to teach a game planner

So I need the documentation.