AR in Cocos Creator

AR in Cocos Creator
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It’s been a while, since I haven’t posted in the forums. I see that Cocos Creator is up to 1.7 version, with 1.8 coming along…Will wait for 1.8 release, but my main question is, will AR be implemented in Cocos Creator? Apple just released ARKit for augmented reality… And this is a market that will increase for these type of games…Thanks and God Bless…




There are no AR plans right now.



Can you ask the team, if we can use other AR.js frameworks that can be incorporated via plug - ins . Is this something that can be done with Cocos Creator? Thanks…God Bless…




At this time, I don’t know if they are thinking about this or not. I can ask.


AR is not in our near future.
In 2018, cocos focus more in iOS / Android / HTML5 cross-platform and 3D framework. And 3D is our pre-condition of AR.

But, there’s not any existing AR hardware device that I SHOULD BUY. I’m still waiting for it.

Don’t forget the VR “opportunity”, it haven’t last longer than 1 year. I’ve tried all tier 1 VR devices in my home, and still waiting for a new generation of VR device that SHOULD BUY.


Hi @walzer

Thanks for the reply…

Please, look at below:

Also, the Iphone 6’s > as per Apple, have the ability as long as IOS 11 is installed…It was fun and I learned a lot with this platform, but it’s time for me to move on…I wish you the best and Cocos Creator team…God Bless…




Can I ask what engine you are going to move to?


In my opinion AR is just hype and maybe even a fad. As a kid I remember those 3D glasses which came out. I think it was around the 80s when they hit. A couple of years ago, 3D televisions started hitting the shelves. I don’t have a 3D tv and don’t know many who have one. History is a good example of whether something will become a must.

Personally, I’m just happy that the Cocos team were able to make us a program in which we can easily use javascript and other languages to develop native games with. I’ve been searching for such a solution for a long time and only ask of the Cocos team to continue supporting this application and keep it compatible with the major mobile platforms. They do this and I’m happy.


I’m testing other alternatives like below:

1 ) Unity - Which I’m currently using for my next game…The 2017 version of Unity is more stable in my Mac…Plus, it has the ARKit, ARCore plug - in, and more tutorials, etc…

  1. Swift - Spritekit - Tried it and didn’t like, I think my brain is geared towards ECS… :grinning: Plus, only IOS market…

I would love to keep using Cocos Creator, but I really can’t wait months or maybe years for the development team to implement AR into the editor. I understand that they have priorities, focusing on improving the engine / HTML5 etc, which is awesome, but my opinion is that the AR is a market that will take off, and people are looking for new game experiences. Just my humble opinion…God Bless…




Sure, that makes sense. You need to make the decision that you think is best.