AppWarp and Cocos Creator

AppWarp and Cocos Creator
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Has anyone used AppWarp with Cocos Creator? If yes, how was your experience using it? Are there any tutorials you followed?

More importantly, did you/would you use
AppWarp Cocos2DX SDK which appears to be c++ based or
AppWarp HTML5/JS SDK which is JavaScript based
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I’m going to look at their documentation and see how they can be incorporated into a Cocos Creator project to create a real-time multiplayer mobile game.

I can post my progress here but just asking if anyone has done something like this before.


For me this SDK looks shaddy - they site design was some kidn odlscool and they code could be outdated. I would skip it for serios project.


Never heard of it before.
It’s great if you try it and post the testing report. It is worth.


Any suggestions for what to use as my game backend/server with a Cocos Creator project?


I’ve used App42 as backend, AppWarpS2 for game logic(Java at server side, custom code allowed). It’s quite powerful, more than satisfactory. I used it with Cocos2d-X, not with the creator by the way.


Thanks for the info! I’ve been doing a bit more research and now I’m wondering if you (or anyone) has come across PlayFab?


You should definitely keep an eye on Smartfox 2X server. It’s fairly one of the strongest and easy to use backends.


You’re right, I’m now looking into PlayFab and GameSparks.


Im very interested in those services. I would greatly appreciate if you can do a follow up with your results and share with the community. Thanks!


Here are my results:

  1. PlayFab’s learning examples and documentations are geared towards Unity developers.
  2. GameSparks has more variety of game engine documentation but none for Cocos Creator :frowning: Their Cocos support is in C++ not in JS so that doesn’t help us since our dev team does not know C++.

As a result, we may now use another game engine (Looking into Corona SDK) in order to have multiplayer support from one of these backend services (most likely going with GameSparks since they have a good indie tier).


Thanks for the follow up!