AppStore Publishing Error of IDFA

AppStore Publishing Error of IDFA



When I am publishing my app to app store its showing me following error.

Your app is using the Advertising Identifier (IDFA).

Initially i thought anysdk files might be causing this problem, but even after removing anysdk dependencies,
it still gave me the same error.

So, now I think maybe the cocos-anaytics file might be causing the problem of this error.

@slackmoehrle : could you enlighten me about this.
Should/How can I remove the analytics , or if there could be another reason for this. because I am not using any third party service in my game


Are you using any sdkbox plugins?


No. nothing .
I even checked with hello world project.
It still says it has IDFA


ok. Thanks. I can ask @Big_Bear to help us with this.


I found a way to identify where uses IDFA. Hope it helps.


Can you try 2.0.7? We removed analytics from the project by default.