Appodeal doesn't load ad in iphone

Appodeal doesn't load ad in iphone
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I think there is a bug in appodeal plugin…

In appodeal when i add a listener, the ad is not being loaded, but when i do not add listener the ad is seen successfully…

It doesn’t load video in iphone but in android it is successfully working…

Can anybody please check.


@slackmoehrle Can you please help me out here.

Video ad is loading in android but methods are not getting called…

For example - onRewardVideoDidFinish to find out wether the video is fiinisehd or not…


Can you post the logcat so we can look into it? Especially after you call showAd()

@htlxyz can you take a look?


I did - adb logcat | grep cocos

Here is what i got after i play the video ad -

V/WindowManager( 1081): Adding window Window{119f458d u0 com.gravity.dailygood/com.jirbo.adcolony.AdColonyFullscreen} at 8 of 18 (after Window{159b5e47 u0 com.gravity.dailygood/org.cocos2dx.cpp.AppActivity})
I/Timeline( 1081): Timeline: Activity_windows_visible id: ActivityRecord{38550698 u0 com.gravity.dailygood/org.cocos2dx.cpp.AppActivity t17974} time:201833351
I/WindowManager( 1081): Screen frozen for +439ms due to Window{159b5e47 u0 com.gravity.dailygood/org.cocos2dx.cpp.AppActivity}


can you test with appodeal sample.

I tried iOS on this sample, video can load success.


I created a new project using cocos2dx 3.15, import appodeal, used the appodeal sample classes, added my keys, modified app transport security but still it is not running video ads on ios, on android it works successfully.

Can you confirm it works with cocos2dx 3.15
and are the methods getting called -

void HelloWorld::onRewardVideoDidFinish(int amount, const std::string& name)
    CCLOG("onRewardVideoDidFinish, amount = %d, name = %s", amount, name.c_str());


i use cocos2d 3.15.1 to test, and onRewardVideoDidFinish can got trigged.

PS. build, version can’t be empty. may be like this.