Apply changes in prefab to all instances in other prefabs?

Apply changes in prefab to all instances in other prefabs?

I wonder if we can edit a prefab & save it then it will apply changes to all instances - not only in scene but in all other prefabs which used the editted prefab?

Currently, prefab supports only auto-sync mode, which apply changes only to the scene but not other prefabs.
It’s hard for us to nest prefab & reuse prefab effectively without auto-sync to all instances.

I think many developers dreamed about this feature for a long time but up to current version - 2.2.0 - it is still not available.

Or am I wrong?

As far as I know engine automatically syncs nodes linked to prefab when loading scene if auto-sync enabled. It even keeps UUIDs of nodes same with prefab nodes which I didn’t want in my project (in Cocos Creator 1.9.3).
As I remember engine removes scene nodes and instantiates from prefab during scene load.

Yes the scene only.
The prefabs does not update its child-node from linked original prefab even in auto-sync mode.

I’m asking about auto-sync for prefab inside another prefab. As far as I know V2.2.0 still doesn’t support that.

2.5.1 - Nested Prefabs

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It’s all clear! Thanks bro!

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