App Store rejected app because of old Yandex SDK in Appodeal plugin

My App got rejected:

Your app includes a version of an SDK from Yandex that violates the App Store Review Guidelines. The version of the Yandex SDK you are using in your app attempts to hide the use of private APIs. This is a violation of Sections 2.3.1 and 2.5.1 of the App Store Review Guidelines.

Guideline 2.3.1: Don’t include any hidden or undocumented features in your app.

Guideline 2.5.1: Apps may only use public APIs.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please either remove the Yandex SDK entirely from your app, or revise your app to utilize version 2.9.8 or 3.1.2 of the Yandex SDK. Once you have made one of those changes, resubmit your binary for review.

I asked Appodeal support and they told me that Yandex SDK is now updated in version 2.4.4 of Appodeal plugin.

Can SDKBOX update their Appodeal plugin? I use SDKBOX Appodeal v2.4.0.1 .
BTW there is a thread at Corona forum about this problem:

@yinjimmy can help with this.

We have planned to upgrade this library.
Thanks for your report.

Appodeal lastest version is: 2.1.10, SDKBox now use Appodeal 2.1.7

Appodeal’s change log:

2.1.10 (Dec 20th, 2017)

    Minor fixes in MRAID
    Minor fixes in MyTarget adapter

2.1.9 (Nov 24th, 2017)

    Google Mobile Ads SDK was updated to 7.26.0
    IronSource was updated to
    StartApp was updated to 3.5.1
    Mobvista 2.5.0 interstitials and rewarded videos were added
    Tapjoy video interstitials were added

so, Appodeal haven’t upate Yandex SDK.


They did it in their beta branch

Version 2.4.4 - Beta (July 3rd, 2018)

Update Google Mobile Ads to 7.31.0
Update YandexMobileAds to 2.9.0, YandexMobileMetrica to 2.9.8

yep, but this is beta version

plz use the appodeal v2.4.0.3 on staging.

sdkbox update --staging

or just download appodeal plugin with the link